Why this blog?

For many years I have been running my own server at home. At first I was ridiculed for the idea of having a server in a private home, but as more and more features and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) becomes available, the more a home server can do for you, on relative low spec hardware. Thus leaving the only question…. when are you going to install yours?

In this blog I will attempt to give an account of my home server setup covering everything from Hardware, Hyper-visors, Firewalls, Directory Services and a lot more. For me the home server acts as a Firewall, a Media Server, a Video Surveillance Server and my own private cloud storage that very handy back-up photos and videos from my mobile devices to the server for safe keeping. All this without using any public service where you agree to terms and conditions that you never read anyways.

My setup changes on a regular basis, and thus this blog can also serve as an archive of what was done, how it was done and what I hope to achieve in the next few years as this hobby of mine takes shape and eventually render me bankrupt or the powers that be decide it is no longer viable to have me roam free.